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When Was Your Last Move?

When was the last time you moved? Let me give a little context.

I am not talking about moving from one place to live to another place to live.

I am not talking about moving jobs, workplaces, or schools.

The move I am talking about is more social than physical.

When is the last time you made a move in your life?

I would define a move as a purposeful change of schedule, routine, or scenery to create something different. Specifically, to meet and connect with people.

Here’s the problem most of us don’t change anything until we are forced. Then it is to accommodate our kid’s schedule, the new hours at work, the different meeting location but we do it because we don’t have a choice.

That’s the situation for most people. We generally go by car from familiar place to familiar place. The result is we get into a set groove and see the same people over and over.

You may think “true, and that is the way I like it!” I get it, but maybe you like it because you don’t know better is out there.

If you are a follower of Jesus, it creates a deeper challenge. Jesus is always on the move, He is always doing something, orchestrating situations, connecting people, changing lives. He consistently is making moves.

Also, Jesus loves people. He loves connecting people, helping people, creating relationships with people, and engaging people. He orchestrates situations and circumstances all the time to include you in the moves He is making.

To spell it out. If you are “following” Jesus, and Jesus is always making moves, then if you are going to follow, you will have to make moves too.

This isn’t a personality thing like being introverted or extroverted. It isn’t an emotional thing like being happy or anxious. It is a fact thing. If Jesus is moving and I am following Jesus I will move as well.

Maybe you’ve heard the Isaac Asimov quote “The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not ‘Eureka!’ but ‘That’s funny.’ ”

Asimov’s point is the best insights are generated from surprising, unexpected connections that became something more—happy accidents.

Those happy accidents, lucky breaks, or I prefer God orchestrated moments have an underlying design. Jesus actively creates these situations.

He moves, He invites you to follow so you can move with Him. You can, you must, engineer this into your day-to-day life.

Here is what I know about making moves in my life…I must both make space and leave space for this to happen. This is about flexibility. Yet, it is more. Being flexible is a good start but being purposeful is what makes the difference.

Again, to be crystal clear, if I am following Jesus, I must do it on purpose, I can’t follow Jesus “on accident”

Keith Ferazzi is possibly the most famous business networker of our generation, wrote a book called “Never Eat Lunch Alone”. In the book he describes all his tips, tricks, and hacks to build a great professional network to drive career success.

What I call making life moves, he calls serendipity…

Your goal as you move through the world should be to create a force field inside of which people feel safe to play by different rules. Model the traits that support serendipity—curiosity, generosity, passion, and humility. Create social opportunities to build trust with people

I don’t know much about corporate networking. You may think it is helpful or sleezy. Either way did you see what he said. Be curious, be generous, show passion for people and be humble.

If this is true for a corporate mover and shaker, a Fortune 500 guy, how much more for a follower of Jesus!

I have been trying to build a case for you to see your life as an opportunity to move with the

Mover. Jesus is the ultimate Mover.

So, what does it look like in your life?

I wouldn’t pretend to know all the things, people, and places Jesus will move you towards. I can share a couple of principles to help you be flexible and purposeful. The first are basically good manners. The rest are simple but spiritually powerful.

1) Look up instead of at a screen – I am not anti-technology. I wrote this online for you to read. I also know you can miss the world go by and the moves Jesus invites you to make with Him if you never look up from your screen. Simplistic, yeah, but again it is hard to follow someone if you are too focused on screen

2) More gratitude and less complaining – Don’t deny all the good things in your life. Looking at the good things God has done for you instead of focusing intently on the problems around you gives room for your heart to be flexible. It also attracts others like a flame attracts moths. In a desert filled with complainers a grateful person is a long cool drink of refreshment.

3) He beat you There – Wherever your there is, Jesus beat you there. Jesus has already been on the move in every life and every situation you will encounter. Going to work, Jesus is already at the copy machine. Dropping the kids off, Jesus has been waiting at practice. Jumping out to pick up some groceries, Jesus is in the produce aisle. Realizing this is good, it sets the right mindset. Showing up with the expectation Jesus is moving and wants me to join Him is even better.

4) Act first, Ask later – Here is where the action is. Jesus will begin placing thoughts, impressions, burdens on your heart and mind when you start moving with Him. Act on them.

Thinking about someone, pray for them and reach out. See a person who seems to be struggling, encourage them and listen. Someone says something you can’t get out of your head, meet with them.

Are all these Jesus moves? Maybe, maybe not but you will get better at recognizing them when you act now and ask later. Besides, what is the risk? You were too loving, too thoughtful, too concerned. What a great problem to have! So much better than second guessing, internal debating and then missing the opportunity to move with Jesus.

5) Point at the Mover – when you move you will have two opportunities, the first one is to engage the second is to point the other person to Jesus. When you move, let them know Jesus placed you on my heart, I felt Jesus leading me to pray for you, I sensed God leading me to help you.

Use your words but point to the one who Moved you to move towards them.

This takes a little courage…but not as much as you think.

There will be an insecurity or an attempt at intimidation to make you feel like you can’t do this or you are too busy. Those are lies.

Jesus is moving, there is no question about it. He goes before you, He works in people’s hearts, He orchestrates situations and circumstances. He is a master at all of this.

Jesus wants you to move with Him. He does the heavy lifting. So look up, know you are not alone, take action and then point at Jesus.

It is so much better than safe, boring, frantic, self-serving grinding through another day. Move with the Mover.


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