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We're Excited
to meet you!

Times and Location

9:15A AND 10:45A 

23104 N. 67TH AVE


Welcome To
The Neighborhood!


We hope your time spent with us is encouraging and life giving.

Each service lasts about an hour kicked off with an engaging worship set that moves into a planned out bible based relevant message from our teaching staff.


We don't want church to be just the hour you are in service. We love to build community outside our four walls and enjoy the hang time before and after service having food and drinks, good conversation, yard games out on the lawn making church more like a weekend experience.  




Don't worry, we've got this. Elevate Kids is the place to be!

Every week we create an interactive experience that is intentional

and so much fun. We are passionate about partnering with families

and helping kids to follow Jesus.




Welcome to the party! Thrive youth centers around the heart of Jesus. Knowing how much he loves us, and cares for us. We have so much to be excited about and that joy lives on in our Thrive youth.  Mountain Ridge as a church loves our Nxt Gen teams and the heart that is so invested in a healthy Nxt Gen culture.



ridge patio new.jpg

A starting point to all Ridge has to offer happens at our

Connect Center.  From visiting this area that is located in our main lobby, we've experienced so many stories that were themed around getting connected to life long friendships. We are a friendly church that tries to create a sense of neighborhood and a place that knows the importance of great friendships. We offer an event every month called Welcome To The Neighborhood and that is the perfect place to meet new people that are just starting out at Mountain Ridge and if you have any questions, staff will be hanging out as well.  

  • What will my first experience be like?
    We do our best to create a warm and friendly welcome once arriving on campus. A service that lasts just about 1 hour with songs of hope and an encouraging message. From stage you will hear about our connect center. This is located right outside the audtorium doors in our lobby. We would love for you to stop by after service to receive a first time gift.
  • How early should I arrive?
    If checking kids or youth in for the first time, 15 - 20 minutes early should be plenty of time for registration check in plus grabbing your seat in the auditorium.
  • What should I wear?
    Come in whatever is comfortable to you.
  • Anything else I should know?
    We are For You. Meaning we exist as a church for you. If it's loneliness, fear, relationship issues, financial struggles, or anything else. We are here For You. You are not alone
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