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What to Watch?

So do you still do it?

Watch TV that is…or maybe better “stream content”.

There was I time I remember having only 5 channels on the television at home. NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS and a local station. That was it. No remote control, no video recording, no DVR, no on demand or streaming.

We adjusted the antenna to get the best picture we could and watched whatever the networks told us to watch. We didn’t even have cable! I think I suffered from child endangerment!

I know today people spend a great deal of time on screens but what we watch, where it comes from and how we access it has all changed big time.

Those of us under 30 often watch more YouTube videos than streaming content from traditional sources like Netflix, Disney+ and others.

I am not qualified to get into how much screen time people should have. I do know this. What you put into your mind is every bit if not more important than what you put in your body. It matters.

You know you can’t live on French fries, brownies, and soda. It would wreck your physical health. It works the same with your mental and spiritual health.

Spend hours a day looking at ugly, dark, evil, hate-filled and immoral content and it will have bad effects on your mental and spiritual health.

So what can you do? Most of us are surrounded by, do work with, connect with people through and are entertained by screens.

I can’t fix all that, I can offer up one incredible opportunity.

Watch something that is entertaining, slightly addictive, emotionally engaging, thoughtful and faith building all at the same time.

I must admit I have found past attempts at “Christian” movies, storytelling and entertainment to be….cheezy, not good. Not all of it, but most of it.

I hate to say it, as much as I have wanted to like it, often it simply falls short of good storytelling and leaves you tolerating it instead of feeling captured by it.

In this very blog space, a few years ago I told you about a new project (you can see that

HERE). The project is called The Chosen and they recently finished season 3.

The Chosen is a multi-season show designed to give you an inside look at the life of Jesus. You are taken inside his family, you meet his followers and are immersed in the culture of His day.

I can’t encourage you enough to watch this. Here are a couple of reasons:

It is entertaining. When people work hard at what they do and they have real skill, it shows up. The writers, producers and actors on this project do just that. They are professions and skilled at telling a story. They do it well. You can easily burn through 2-3 episodes because they are so good you want to watch the next one.

It is real. Ever watch a show and think, that is so fake! Or, see a story play out in such a predictable or shallow way you loose interest. I do. This is not that.

The Chosen doesn’t shy away from tension, conflict, the best and worst of human emotions and even gritty and uncomfortable situations we can identify with. It gives equal time to the high points and ugly failures of life.

Even with this commitment to be real it is still kid friendly for families who have kiddos that are able to process conflict and difficulty.

It is inspiring. The main character is Jesus. I hope you know, love and follow Jesus closely but maybe you are simply spiritually curious. Either way you will likely find something in most episodes that pulling you in towards Jesus.

The way Jesus’ love and interaction with people is portrayed is inspiring and encouraging.

It is accurate. Probably the most decisive reason to watch, is the accuracy they strive for. Make no mistake THIS IS NOT THE BIBLE. It doesn’t claim to be. They do spend massive amounts of time working with Biblical scholars, Jewish scholars, pastors, preachers and teachers to get it aligned with the Bible.

The creators, writers and directors are followers of Jesus and they made this project as a way of trying to point people to Jesus.

I have watched with a critical eye and I can’t find anything after three seasons contradicting the Bible.

Having said that, yes, they fill in the back story. If you made a movie from one of the gospels and used only the words written down it would be about a 90-minute show. Yet even with the “fill in the story” material it is all perfectly reasonable and done again with an eye for staying consistent with the Bible.

It is shareable. So much of life comes to us through our screens. This is a great way for you to share something with someone in a way there are use to engaging. Have them watch the show or watch it together. It works on a phone, tablet or TV. This could be an incredible way to introduce your family, friends or neighbors to Jesus and the story of His life.

It will set the foundation for important future conversations. There is a documentary of the producers showing the first season to a group of 20 somethings who were not engaged in church to see their response.

It was eye-opening. You can check it out Documentary

I am not a sales rep for The Chosen! I do think anything helping people know, love and follow Jesus is a good thing.

Ultimately, you must decide. Give it a look. THE CHOSEN

You are going to watch something. What do you have to loose. You may as well watch something good.

I think it is better than anything else you would watch today!


Today everyone everywhere comments on everything whether they are experts or not. Some people will work hard to find fault with whatever they see. (You could hand some people money and they would find a reason why you didn’t do it right!)

I say this because I would not be shocked if you look online and find a person who has some criticism or fault finding with The Chosen. The most recent was they are Mormon…by doing your own research you will find they are not.

Here is my recommendation. Have an open mind, hear the concerns, watch it for yourself and then see what you think. Happy Watching!


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