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4 Ways to be Stupid (Foolish) and Ruin Your Future

Does anyone need help with that? As soon as I wrote the title I thought “I don’t need help doing stupid! I can do it all by myself.”

When I was growing up my brother and I used the word stupid as our ace in the hole insult. Swearing was not allowed in our house…so the next best thing was to call each other stupid when we were angry and fighting.

When I got married, I was informed by my wife the word stupid is not allowed. (No, I didn’t call her stupid…I am not that dumb). She said we don’t use that word in our house. Briefly I thought about explaining to her that it was really my house and she was living in it…but again not that dumb.

The word stupid is insulting, but it is also accurate in an important sense. When we know the right, best, wise, or smart thing to do and we don’t do it that is the definition of stupid.

Why would anyone choose what is wrong, worst, foolish or dumb? We wouldn’t unless we thought somehow our situation was an exception, which it never is, even though we convince ourselves things are different this time.

God wants me to be happy, I need this, it isn’t going to hurt anyone, who would know, I know what’s best for me. Why is it almost all of those statements come right before we do something stupid?

It happens all the time, here are some tongue in cheek ways to make sure to keep the stupid going.

Ignore God – Assume He either doesn’t care or doesn’t exist and do what you feel is right in the moment. Take no regard for what the One who created You, who knows you best and loves you most might say. Too harsh?

Maybe it is more complicated. Of course, God understands, this time it is different. I know what God said, but my situation is complicated. After all, if He want’s me to be happy…He will understand.

Ignoring God is always foolish. He is not a rule making, task master eager to punish You. He is loving, wise, and has a better grasp on things than we do. He wants what is best for You.

Have No Appetite for Better – Shockingly, wisdom or anti-stupid is not welcomed by everyone. A great way to keep on a path to ruin your future is to stay un-hungry. You don’t run into much wisdom if you aren’t looking for it. So don’t look, it will keep you where you are or better yet it may even knock you back some.

Solomon says desire wisdom, look for it as though it was silver or hidden treasure. If you look for it you will find it…be careful.

Don’t Ask – One of things about God is He loves to give good gifts. Make sure you don’t ask God for wisdom because if you do, He will give it to you! He won’t fault you for what you don’t know and He is generous with wisdom, pouring it out all over you.

He gives so much you can’t help but do better. If you want to ruin things, make sure you don’t ask.

Overlook God’s Word – Skip by, don’t read, plug your ears, whatever you do, don’t listen to, or think about what the Bible says. If an all-knowing and all-loving God speaks to you and you listen to what He says you will end up wise.

Being wise works against being stupid and ruining your future. It is too hard to argue with what God says, so instead make sure you don’ t hear it or read it and if you do, don’t think about it.

Okay enough of that! Truth is the best thing you can do is reverse all of the "advice" above.

Wisdom starts with a reverence for God. A desire to leave behind foolish things, a humility to ask God for help and tuning Your ears to what God says.

Has there ever been a time when wisdom was needed more than now? I’ll confess I prefer the simple, the black and white world.

Every time I look back, I think things were easier, simpler, better 10, 20 or even 30 years ago. I don’t know that they were but it seems like compared to today they were!

Have you had the same experience? I see something in the news and I am angry. I read something on social media and I feel attacked. My emotions tell me to respond one way, wisdom says there is a better way.

I have people all around me living like God doesn’t exist, morals don’t matter and faith is for foolish people. Wisdom leads me to respond not with the way I am treated but with love.

You can’t build wisdom in a day, but you can build wisdom daily.

Your health is the perfect example. Going to the gym one day won’t undo 6 months of coach surfing, but it will help today. Going tomorrow will help as well. Going for several months, eating better, and getting more rest will in time completely reset my body.

Wisdom is the same way. Daily investing in wisdom, reading God’s word, connecting with God, following what God tells you builds a wise life and a beautiful future.

Take a look at our recent series on Future Proofing Your Life, it is all about finding wisdom in places of your life you need it most.

We have ALL done enough stupid. Choose wisdom, God wants to give it to you.


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Idora Kissel
Idora Kissel
Jan 18, 2023

It is so important to hear your words Pastor Brett. They encourage, they help me relate to the things that really matter and they show how to achieve the best we can be. Love the connections with my Church.....🤗

Jan 18, 2023
Replying to

You are one of the best things about our church!

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