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The Power of Noticing

Recently I have been reminded of how powerful it is when we notice someone. When you notice your neighbor it is amazing how it makes a difference.

I was driving through my neighborhood the other day and stopped to talk to a neighbor. I knew her name but not much else. She was outside so I said hi. Her house is five houses down from mine.

I asked how she was and she said fine. Then she asked me how my two dogs (boxers) were doing! I thought that was odd, as far as I know she has never met my dogs. For a moment, I thought she must be spying on us!! (yeah I am not paranoid or anything)

The more we chatted I realized she is a dog groomer and she had noticed Donna and I walking our dogs from time to time. Now, it wasn’t creepy, I was actually impressed. She noticed I was her neighbor, she noticed our dogs and she was happy to meet someone “down the street” from her.

I know a couple of our Mt Ridge family members have been touched by being noticed lately. Do you know Idora? She just turned 80 and her Community Group was determined to notice it, even with the virus restrictions. If you haven’t seen it you can watch here….

Idora is literally jumping for joy. I wish I had her hops!

Another one of the Mt Ridge family was appreciative of being noticed. Geri received a thinking about you care package, she was so excited she posted on Facebook.

I am so very blessed by my church family! One of the pastors of Mountain Ridge Church, Cory Bramlett and his wife Traci, dropped this off to my house today to let me know they are thinking about me and can’t wait until we can all worship together again! …What an awesome reminder of love for one another! Thank you all for the gift but even more, the prayers! Praying for all of you too! 🙏💗

When you are noticed, you notice! You know how it makes you feel and how it can even change a relationship in a moment. You have the power to do this for someone else. To create a moment for love your neighbor as yourself.

Why not take some time to notice one of your neighbors today!

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