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The Interruptible Life

I have always wanted some aspects of the life I see on TV shows. How well the families get along, how connected friends are, how deeply they share life. Doesn’t always happen in real life though. Yet, the reason the shows are popular is because we all want to connect.

Do you listen to podcasts? There are thousands out there, people listen for different reasons. For some, it is their favorite way to be entertained, others use them to stay current on big issues, or to learn new things and get inspired.

I listened to one the other day with a weird title. I am not sure why I even found it…it is called the Turquoise Table! My first thought was, this is not for me. But the topic grabbed me, it was about being interruptible and connecting with people.

(Check it out, you can read or listen to the podcast interview here The Interruptible Life)

There were two statements that challenged me. This was done way before Corona Virus but it fit our situation. The first statement was:

“If you’re going to actually start connecting with people you have to live at a different pace.” – Dave Runyon

He talked about how his life had been a series of long days at work, fast food meals between taking the kids places with the garage door going up and then down to end the day. He literally had no margin for other people.

Does this relate to you like it does me. I would raise my hand and say yes that sounds like my life. Just like the symptoms were right on (too busy), the disease (not connecting) was afflicting me….maybe you too?

I know the last season of our lives seemed to bounce from “I will never get all this done” to “I finished everything on Netflix”. Soon we will have more choices with our life pace. As we get more freedom, will we choose a pace allowing us to connect with people? It is an important question.

The second idea was related:

“…if you just live in a way that you’re interruptible, you’ll be shocked at how small things will end up making a big difference over time.” – Dave Runyon

Hmm that is a heavy one for me. When I choose to make myself interruptible I can do small things that end up making a big difference. Of course the opposite is true. It I don’t allow myself to be interrupted…well you see where that goes. Occasionally trying big crazy things to create the illusion of change but not making much difference over time.

Who would have thought, slowing down and being interruptible could connect me in a meaningful way with my family and my neighbors while bringing a richer more purposeful life.

Most of us would have bet, and at times have lived like, the opposite was true.

So, ask yourself what should your life pace look like, then ask someone who knows you (your spouse, best friend, co-worker) “How interruptible am I?”

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