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For my 4, and For You!

Do you remember theses? (this is copy of my card by the way) At Mt. Ridge we talked about them for a couple of months. We were inspired to get to know our neighbors, to care about our neighbors and even pray for them.

Today most people's needs aren't physical but they need to connect with someone else. They need to feel like they are not alone. You may be able to be "for" you neighbor now in a more powerful way. It is amazing how connecting with a person in a tough season changes everything.

God is for you, he is not surprised or shaken by what is happening. As a matter of fact He is using what is happening to draw you to Himself. I bet you have prayed more recently, thought about God more, and maybe even read your Bible more. I know I have. Crazy how that works, God uses my stress and anxiety to bring me in closer!

On top of that, your church family is "for" you. Through online services, resources, our prayer team and our amazing volunteer team there is an army of people ready to help you with any burden you have to carry.

God is for you, your church is for you. Be bold and be "for your four" this week.

In Christ,

Pastor Brett

PS the hidden cure for anxiety is to put your energy into helping someone else. When you love another person, your heart doesn't have near as much room for panic. Try it, you will see.

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1 comentario

Idora Kissel
Idora Kissel
25 mar 2020

Pastor Brett, your words are not only encouraging but truthful that when problems arise, God is ALWAYS there for us and he is still in control. Mountain Ridge is also there for all of us. The Sunday morning sermons and my CLASS with Russell McConnell are online and keep me connected. Mary McConnell and many in that Class are also reaching out to other members and the "neighboring" keeps spreading. Personally I am experiencing a love in my family that is drawing them closer because they are spending more time together. There is good through all the "mess" because of our Lord and Savior. I believe!

Me gusta
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