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Do You Ever Wonder?

Of course you do, we all wonder.

I wonder because I am confused..why did they do that, how does that work, why can’t I figure this out?

I wonder when, and now sadly even if, things will feel normal again. So much has happened, such a strange and different set of changing circumstances. Will more people lose jobs, are people going to keep getting sick?

I wonder in amazement. I ride my bike early a couple of days a week and watching the sun come up over the water, it never gets old! The water is the canal, but still. It reminds me how powerful, how creative and how special it is to have a relationship with my Heavenly Father.

I wonder about our church. How is everyone doing? Who is struggling that I don’t know about and how can we encourage and help those we know are having a hard time. How can we best take care of each other.

I also wonder about our neighbors and our community. C’mon I am a pastor, you knew this was coming! How are they weathering all of this? How can Mt Ridge engage with them to both serve them and share with them in spite of all that has happened there is hope and there is new life! With all the changes the way we connect to our community is changing too.

It isn’t bad, but it will have to be different.

As I wondered I slipped into dreaming without knowing it. Can I share some of my wonder/dream with you? If so keep reading, if not…I guess close the browser, lol.

It is exciting, inspiring and compelling for me and I had to write it out to get it clear in my own head. So here it is:

You and I (the church) will connect with our community because we care deeply about our community. We value the closest relationships…family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Every person at Mt Ridge serves as a representative of Jesus to their family, to their friends and neighbors, to their co-workers and even those on their kid’s teams and clubs. This makes our church irresistible. If you know someone from Mt Ridge, you know a representative of Jesus!

We provide families a menu of choices for serving together as we connect with the community through events and serve the community through projects. Connections happen at parks, pools, schools and in neighborhoods.

We see partnerships with local government, schools, small businesses and other community organizations as imperative to understand and meet needs. These are vital points of connection with our community.

People know about us from our digital presence, personal invitations, open facilities and consistent involvement in community activities and events. We see thoughtful and excellent hospitality as an essential connecting activity.

Admittedly, this is more about why we love and connect with our community than how. In a changing world it will take all of us together to figure out the how-to’s. I believe if we are together on the why, God will do amazing and surprising things as you and I (the church) connect to our community.

These are the things I am wondering about these days, what are you wondering about?

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