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Are You Hungry Yet?

You know how most organizations have a mission statement and values but don’t actually stick to them?

Things like “We value people” yeah until it costs money to do that!

“Customer service is our top priority” unless you come at the wrong time, have a question or need something slightly out of the norm.

Well we have a set of values at Mt Ridge too. I promise this is NOT an article about values, how boring, just hang with me for a minute.

For our team we unapologetically stole someone else’s value statement. It comes from Patrick Lencioni’s book The Ideal Team Player. It is a great read.

They land on three simple values, everyone on their team should be Humble, Hungry and Smart. The smart refers to being smart with how you interact with people. Confession it helps a lot to be smart in the regular sense too!

I am happy to report our team, pastors and staff, really do work hard to live out these values.

Here is where I am going with all this. Even if you are not part of the staff team at Mt Ridge. It is time for you to get hungry.

Lots of things have happened in recent years and the result is in many ways we have had to hold off, back up, rethink, wait, delay etc.

It is time to get hungry again. Hungry could mean several things but I know it means a few specific things:

1) Stop dreaming and start doing. Again we have had stop or slow. Don’t let that become an excuse to stay still. What is in your heart? Where do you need to go next?

This certainly could include career stuff, starting your own business, making a brave new proposal or finding a new job but it can be, and likely is more than just work related.

Is there a relationship that needs fresh attention?

How about a class you need to take or a skill you want to learn so you can better live as the person God created you to be.

Is it time to think about your finances in a new way and take a bold step

Another way to start dreaming again is to ask yourself, “what is breaking my heart”. Maybe your dream is to help find the solution to a problem that breaks your heart.

Whatever your dream is, line it up with God’s purpose and get started. No more waiting! Get ambitions, but stay amicable.

2) Let your faith do your talking for you.

I use to play sports all the time. There was always at least one guy on every team who talked a good game but didn’t play all that well. Hence the mantra coaches would challenge us with, “let your game do your talking for you”. In other words play so well you don’t have to say anything.

Same for you. You’re hungry, you’re ready, it’s time to move forward. Let your faith do your talking for you. There is nothing wrong with sharing your dreams, your actions and your progress with others. But make sure before you talk about it you faith is already in motion.

Let your faith speak by staying committed to your principles. Have a defiant dedication to follow God’s direction and live by His standards no matter how much you are pressured to “go along”.

Let your faith speak by taking risks. Hunger drives you to move forward. God will ask you to trust Him as you move by being obedient and taking what looks like risks. (Hint – they aren’t really risks if God is directing you, but you can’t see what God already knows. He won’t leave you on your own!) Faith says take the risk, trust God.

Let your faith speak by overcoming opposition. People who are on the move always face opposition. Some of the most defining moments of my life have come not when things are easy but when things are hard and something is pushing against me. Faith says I will trust in this moment to overcome my opponent.

For more ways to let your faith do you talking check out our recent series Times Like These

3) Make sure you are hungry FOR the right things.

When I am hungry the level of my hunger is directly tied to what kind of food I will eat. When I am only slightly hungry I do ok, I try to eat healthy. When I am uncomfortably hungry I will eat more things. When I am desperately hungry I will eat French fries covered in chocolate sauce with a Cane’s chicken strip chaser.

Obviously that is not a good strategy. Neither is being hungry for the wrong reasons and the wrong things. Ambition is a good thing. God put that in us. Ambition can be twisted and make us see people as ends to our means instead of ends in themselves.

That is a lot to say, make sure what you are hungry for, what you are pursuing is aligned with God’s heart. Don’t take all the talent, energy, gifting and ambition you have and cheapen it by pursuing less.

You know the old story of the guy climbing the ladder to success only to realize in the end the ladder was leaning against the wrong building. Don’t be that guy.

I love our church. Our vision is to be the church that looks at people and says with clarity and conviction, Mt Ridge is For you.

We have a place for you and we want God’s best for you. It is a great vision for our church and it could also be a great filter for your hunger.

Time to get going. Get your hunger on and make your life better and the lives of the people around you better.


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