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Your love story isn't over yet.

You have the power to rewrite your marriage story at FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember, the most attended marriage retreat in the country. Connect with your spouse over eye-opening talks from marriage experts, just-us projects, and time alone. Leave with practical tools to weather difficult seasons and deal confidently with relationship challenges. Join us and see what a difference one weekend can make.

Marriage Health

Would you like to take a simple marriage questionnaire to determine where
you are doing well and potential areas for improvement?


Marriage Devotion

A great way to build your marriage is to listen to God’s wisdom.

This 7-day You Version devotion is a fantastic way to bring God’s truth

into your marriage.

Help with My Marriage

Marriage can be hard and getting help is the smart thing to do when

things aren’t going well. We want to help. We have mentoring

and counseling options. Let us know how we can serve you.

We were walking through a park with trai

We Take Marriage Seriously

Mt Ridge is committed to being FOR you and FOR your marriage. We have developed bite sized

marriage building videos, articles, webcasts and other resources we make available every month.

We also offer date nights, events and other great marriage building
opportunities for you and your friends whether they come to Mt Ridge or not!
If you would like to get some monthly insights and stay up to date on what is
next, sign up to stay up to date on all the marriage building opportunities.

More Resources

Are you looking for more resources?


Find quality insight for marriage, family, sex and sexuality as well as blended families

on our FOR you family resource page.

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