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What Do You Remember?

Warning – This blog post may be more sappy than usual...but not too much, it is me after all

What is the first Christmas you remember?

The first Christmas I clearly remember, I was 6. One of the reasons I remember it is because I got an X-Wing and Luke Skywalker action figure (it was NOT a DOLL!!).

I have a stable and loving family. Did the grandparents, uncles/aunts/cousins thing for years every Christmas. It is great memory for me.

I realize not everyone had a great situation or enjoyable gatherings around Christmas with family and friends and if that is you, I am sorry. I wish things were different for you, I really do.

There are so many things we mark with Christmas celebrations. Do you remember the first Christmas you bought gifts for others with your own money? Maybe the first Christmas as an adult? A married person? A parent? A grandparent? Unfortunately, you may also remember your first Christmas without someone special…that’s hard.

See what I mean. Christmas has a way of marking our lives and memories.

To quote a Warrant song, “the memories are gray but man they’re really comin back”. [The song is called Heaven, it is a love song, not about Christmas]

I would imagine the people who experience THE FIRST CHRISTMAS, Luke 2:1-20, never forgot it.

Joseph with the world on his mind, his plans changed, God speaking to him in dreams and all the weight a new husband and dad would feel.

I know how I would feel if I couldn’t even find a place for my pregnant wife to rest after taking her on a government-imposed trip all for the fun of registering to pay taxes. I would feel like I already failed.

Mary, pregnant, had dreams and visions too. Must guess she had some first-time mom jitters. Go ahead and throw in the cross-country donkey ride right before she was going to deliver.

Physically exhausted, emotionally empty, spiritually riding a roller coaster? Now, there is no mom to help her, no friend, no mid-wife…just her new husband. What does he know about delivering a baby?

Shepherds shocked awake in the middle of the night with a bright light (aliens maybe?) Angels singing so loud it almost hurt their ears. Directed to go see the baby, the one in the feeding trough. He is a game changer.

How could they forget any of these things? Yet, I don’t know if those were the memories standing out the most.

I think it was His face. When Mary saw the face of the baby she carried for 9 months, when Joseph held up the boy he would raise and saw him in the light, when the shepherds looked into the donkey feeder and saw the face sticking out from the strips of cloth.

I think His face is what everyone remembered most about their first Christmas.

I asked you about the first Christmas you remembered. One more memory check.

What was it like when you first met Jesus? What do you remember about that?

This Christmas take time to reflect on what happened when you realized who He is and looked Him in the face.

What was going on in your life? How did you feel when you said “yes” to following Him? How are things different now?

If you are part of Mt Ridge church, you have likely heard the phrase, God is For you. We say it all the time.

I hope it hasn’t become trite or white noise to you. Nothing shouts God is for you quite like Christmas.

Mary gave birth to Jesus, Joseph delivered Jesus in that barn, but Jesus came for both them, because He is for them. He is for the shepherds and He is for you.

Sit with that, rest in that, remember that, celebrate that. It isn’t a slogan, it is short world changing statement. God is for you!

Christmas reminds me how deeply God is for me and for you. But there is even more to it. Every person you have ever met, at both their best and their worst, God is for them.

It’s too good not to share. Christmas memories are one thing, knowing Jesus and telling people God is for them is another! Do you see it?

That is why we are committed to bringing people back to God. They need to know what we celebrate every Christmas. God is for them too!

I hope you will find a way to celebrate Christmas with us at Mt Ridge. We have several services and you can find out about them HERE.

Even better, invite the people you know who need to know what you know….that God is for you. If you need a little help check out the inviter page we can help you invite by text, social media, email or in person. I am sure you have a neighbor who needs to know

Looking forward to adding new Christmas memories with you.


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