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4 Ways to Make Now and Later Meaningful

Do you remember the taffy candy Now and Later? The idea was the candy was good when you started eating it and good later as you continued to eat it.

What I remember is, it was not good now or later. Maybe you had a different experience!

It is tough to find things that are good both now and later.

We get delayed gratification. Save money, eat right, exercise now (not so fun or “good” now) but better later when we are healthy. Not so good at the moment but good later.

We also get regret. The wild weekend, the bad relationship choice and the incredible investment opportunity that was a scam. Felt good in the moment but not so good later.

We don't want either/or, we want both to be good.

In a recent message titled “Solid Except for the Wobble” during our Christmas series Joseph and Mary made a decision to do good Now and to make Later meaningful all at the same time.

You can check out the whole message HERE on our YouTube channel. (Once there, you should go ahead and subscribe by hitting the bell near the top of the page if you haven’t already. I don’t want you to miss anything)

For most of us things have fired back up after the Christmas and New Year break. Here are

four ways to make sure you get the best of Now and Later.

1) Be where you are when you are there. In a fast paced and ever changing world (latterly many of the changes don’t seem very positive) it is easy to catch yourself either missing the days gone by or wishing the days would fly. Living in the past or the future robs you. You miss important moments in your life and with others when you are mentally somewhere else.

Another version of this is work related. Stop allowing work (or the kid’s schedules, or your social media feed) to get the best of your attention. The people around you like you, they like you more when you are mentally and emotionally with them.

2) Be certain you will be uncertain. Of course things are hazy right now, they are for everyone. Give yourself permission to not have all the answers. Being uncertain does not have to equal being afraid. Admitting you don’t know can actually LOWER your anxious feelings and stress if you use it properly.

None of us have the future on lockdown. To make both now and later the best they can be it is important to go back to what you know. Uncertain about the future? That’s fine do the last thing God told you to do until He tells you do something else. You are not alone in this and you do not have to have every answer.

3) Be a quitter. Quit setting goals and start growing relationships. Full disclosure I am not against goal setting, I do it all the time. I have realized saving a few more dollars, losing a few pounds or learning a new skill are good things. However, they are not the most important things.

Quit simply accomplishing goals and start growing your relationships. Double down on loving the most important people in your life. Build them up with your encouragement, support and emotional engagement. It will change your now and your later.

Don’t allow your relationship with God to be stale. He is dynamic, He is moving, He is inviting you in. Accept the invitation, move with him, invite His power into your life.

If you are struggling to know Jesus, use our 6 part video coaching course called Moving Forward. Each video is about 5 minutes. You will get one a day for six days. Click below to sign up (it's free).

They will help you listen to Jesus and talk with Jesus. It is a great way to build your relationship with the One who loves you most.

4) Be comfortable being uncomfortable. Nobody said it was going to be easy….because it’s not. I don’t like not knowing what is coming in the future either. Ambiguity is great for some, for the other 95% of us not so much.

Here’s the thing you are going to have to get comfortable with not having all the answers, not knowing what the future holds and expecting hard things will come to you.

Easier said than done.

At the bottom of this quandary is a simple but powerful question. What do you believe?

I believe the God over all creation sees me, provides for me, heals me, and is my peace. He has promised to take what is meant for evil and turn it for my good. In short He loves me.

Because I believe these things I can get comfortable being uncomfortable when it comes to Later. He has it and He has me. You could say He has made me eternally invincible.

Now and Later can both be great. You don’t have to settle for delayed gratification or regret.

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