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We all want

the same things.

Our kids go to the same schools, we shop at the same stores, attend the same ball games.

We all want the same things. 

To live in a safe community surrounded by good friends.
We are looking for good friends and neighbors.

That’s why
we're here.

We’re a group of your neighbors who care for each other.

Where everyone is valued and accepted.

We’re not valued

because of our 

successes, and not defined by our weakness or failures.

We are a 'politics free' zone.

We are not a gathering place of division and separation.

We are a community of inclusion. We are a “good will to all” zone.


We are a

community that is


(Just the way you are)

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We’re a

community of

kindness, generosity

and hospitality. 

We’re here to make life better

for you and your family. 

We are a place to laugh

and celebrate the joys of life

and be a support through

its challenges,


and tragedies. 


that’s what friends do.

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Welcome to the neighborhood.

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We want the very

best for our kids.

We want

them to

be safe

and healthy.

We want them to grow up in a rich and rewarding environment.


We want to guide our kids to make good decisions, to develop

a healthy self-image

and have a sense

of well-being.


We want to help families.

That’s why we're here.

It’s what we try

and do each week.

We are a group of neighbors who create an environment where kids can learn values that will help them become better teenagers and adults.

It’s a place where kids learn how not to be afraid.

They learn about the importance of 




forgiveness, compassion



It’s a place 

where kids learn to value and care for others.

We want kids to learn how to love and serve others. 

Because that’s what good friends do. 

We want to be a good neighbor.

Welcome to the neighborhood.



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