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Moving Forward is an online course designed to help you move forward

in your faith with other people. It is a 5 week experience with bit sized chunks
designed to help you grow. Take a look at this video for more info...


As you can see this is for you to do with a group, not solo.

Here are a few tips about building a group.

1) The ideal group size is 2-4 people.

2) Ask people you know or want to get to know.

3) You will each engage three experiences every week. The experiences
will take between 10-20 minutes each (about 30 -60 minutes total per

4) Make sure each person can commit to meeting for about an
hour each week through the course. You could meet in person or
online, in a home, at a coffee shop, for get the idea.

5) Sign up together below. On the same day if possible. This way you will
all get access to the material at the same time.

You can share this page with friends and family

you want to invite by using these share buttons!


Are you ready?

Click the sign up button and you will get access to week one in your inbox tomorrow!

MOVING FORWARD 2.0 letters.png
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