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Abiding and Rest


Group discussion:

1) What stood out to you most this week? Why?
2) What did you discover about God? About Yourself? What Biblical Rest
warning sign is a potential trouble spot for you?
3) What does it mean to abide in Christ? What happens to those who don’t?
4) Considering your “RPMS” where do you rate the highest? What area needs attention?
5) What is your plan to rest, abide and find health?
6) What will you take with you from this week into your future spiritual development?



Begin - 4 Day Devotion – Understanding the Sabbath
Watch - Biblical Rest

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Read - Overwhelmed by a Relentless God
Read - John 15
Respond to John 15 (share your answers with your group)


What does it mean to abide in Christ? Using John 15 as your guide, note the
ways Jesus describes those who abide in Him.

What happens to those who do not abide in Christ? Sadly, the church is
littered with those who began this journey with a white-hot passion for God,
His glory, and His Church but who are now feeling discouraged or defeated.
Their zeal is gone—not only for the ministry of the church but for God
Himself. How will you guard against this happening to you?
What role does abiding in Christ play in sustaining the weight and
responsibility of life in the church

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Read - How To Lead Yourself Every Day
Create - RPMS Plan (outlined in the article)


Make sure you connect with your group this week to discuss what you discovered!

MOVING FORWARD 2.0 letters.png
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