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Christmas is really
all about love

A love we don't know

A love that doesn't come from us

A love that doesn't come from this planet

It is God's love
It is God's love for us
It is God's love
for you

God came to earth in the form of Jesus.

He gave us the love that can change the world.

It's a love that seeks nothing from anyone, but sets its love on each of us.

It's a love that forgives any wrong. A love that calms every fear. It's a love that bring reassures us and brings rest.

A love that never judges us, a love that never quits, and a 
love that never leaves us alone.


there is nothing that we can do that can stop the love God has given to us.

Christmas is really all about love. God's love for you.

you are not alone

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About Mountain Ridge

Welcome to the neighborhood! We are excited to meet you. Each service lasts about an hour kicked off with an engaging worship set that moves into a planned out bible based relevant message from our teaching staff.  Our mission as a church is to bring people back to God. In all ministries that is our focus and heartbeat as a church from our weekend experience to our next gen ministries, our mission teams, and our neighborhood groups.  

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